Bulk Customer Reviews

"Easy to read, a good reference tool and a handy size for all those transport induction packs we Travel Planners request"
Paul Sullivan, Travel Plan Officer, Southampton City Council

"A useful tool to stimulate ideas for alternative means of travel."
Audrey Clancy, Vodafone UK

"Redbridge has found the book extremely useful when promoting travel plans to schools and parents, to include children in the Travel Plan process, as well as explaining to parents how to leave the car at home"
Scott Wilding, Travel Plan Co-ordinator, London Borough of Redbridge

"Cutting Your Car Use is a great little book."
Sheila Flynn, Transport Planner, Canterbury City Council

"I recently obtained a copy of the book 'Cutting Your Car Use' and was very impressed - it should prove an invaluable resource in the future for a difficult task..."
Guy Bardoe Environmental Projects Co-ordinator,Swindon and Marlborough NHS Trust

"I like the new version of Cutting Your Car Use. The smaller format is appealing."
Lillian Goldberg, Travelwise

"Cutting Your Car Use is a great source of information and inspiration - all in easily digestible chunks!"
Janette Barratt, Green Transport Promotions Project Herefordshire Council

"I have read Cutting Your Car Use with interest and found it an excellent source of information."
Jane Perriss, Transport Manager, Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust

"I am most impressed with Cutting Your Car Use."
Anne-Marie Berni, Senior Planner Planning and Transportation Policy Vale of Glamorgan Council

"Your book has been a major inspiration. I have been influenced by the positive tone."
Clare Hamilton Sturdy, Travel Planner, Fife.

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