Press Reviews

"A wonderful little book for anyone interested in being richer, getting fitter, and living longer. . . . It could be the best time and money investment you ever made."
Richard Evans, In Town Without My Car! UK Co-ordinator

"It should be shoved through every letter box in the land."
David Hurdle, Transition.

"An extremely user-friendly book. A bargain you should not miss."
Environmental Transport Association

"If you are trying to cure yourself of the car habit, this book provides practical tips."
Nicola Baird, Earth Matters (Friends of the Earth magazine)

"A great little book"
Ali Clabburn,

"Excellent little book by green travel consultant Anna Semlyen, detailing the many ways you can adapt your travel habits to benefit the environment"

"The Directory at the end - nineteen pages of contact details for organisations is worth the cover price alone"
Ecology Building Society.

"Anna's vision is too tempting, too positive, too plausible for anyone to deny. This is a book to use, not just to read. It provides not only the dream but also the instructions on how to realise it."
Cycle Touring and Campaigning.

"The book provides ideas and inspiration for anyone wanting to use the car less or even give it up altogether."
Alternative Technology Centre Hebdon Bridge.

"An excellent little handbook for people who want to drive less and explore the alternatives"
Lifecyle UK

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