Links - Responsible Car use

Friends of the Earth - Active on climate change.
Transport Direct - All modes journey planner for Britain.
Campaign for Better Transport - National environmental transport campaign.
Car Busters - Magazine.
Clean Accessible Transport (CATCH) - Improving air quality in Merseyside. - Carfree Cities.
Give Up Your Car - advice on going car free, will become a book
Victoria Transport Policy Institute - Travel demand management research.
Detour Publications - Non-profit, on-line bookstore, 200+ educational, how-to resources on sustainable transport, urban planning & ecology.
DfT - Government department.
Traveline - Sustainable travel advice.
Yorkshire & the Humber Transport Activists Roundtable - Local environmental alliance.
Environmental Transport Association - Breakdown insurance for cars and bikes.
World Carfree Network
- Carfree Cities Conference and green transport advice.
Culture Change - Ex Auto Free Times publishers.
ACT Travelwise - Training on green commuter plans.
Energy Saving Trust - Free energy advice

Car Clubs & Lift Share

Car Plus - Not for profit company supporting car share schemes.
City Car Club - Car club and car share advisors.
Whizzgo Car Club - Car Club.
Streetcar - Car Club.
Whipcar - Neighbour-to-neighbour car rental pairing. - Lift share directory. - Lifts and web links.
National CarShare - Lift Share. - Lift share.
Catcharide - Lift share (mainly Brighton/London).
Rideshare -, UK website for Europe’s largest lift sharing platform. - Cheap Courier Services- Online Transport Marketplace.
alternative methods of transport
Green Pages Ethical Junction

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